Monday, 2 July 2012

Butter London Wallpaper Nail Skins

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Hi everyone. Sorry for my absence, I had a lot going on in my life that needed some sorting and that unfortunately that takes it's toll on my posting. Happily I can say things are slightly more sorted now so it's back to posting! :)

Today I have something a little different for you: Butter London Wallpaper Nail Skins. (phew what a long name). You get 12 stickers with Butter Londons signature "background art". There's something quite "vintage" about the imagery. My favorites are the crow with the crown and the yellow rose. :)

There's been a real explosion of nail skins/stickers over the past year. They're everywhere but some look really papery and you can almost see the pixels of the images printed on them. I've always been hesitant about buying any nail stickers, until I saw these on Ebay.

I'm a big fan of the Butter London brand, even though I don't own any Butter London polishes. yet!;)  The only problem is that they're a bit expensive. These nail skins aren't cheap either. They retail for £8 (minus delivery) but I got mine for £4.00 on Ebay.

So I have to say that application of these nail skins was very easy and I was lucky that most of the stickers fit my nail pretty well, but be warned they are quite narrow. They were easy to trim and then file down to fit the shape of my nails.

You can see on my pinky where the stickers doesn't quite fit, but that was easily fixed by added a bit a black nail polish round the edges of the sticker.

I then sealed the stickers in with one coat of Seche Vite. In order to make things last longer I would reapply the Seche Vite if the stickers had started to peel.

Using my daily touch up method I was able to make these babies last 4 days! before they drove me crazy and I had to get them off.

Ok, so just to warn you that the next pics are what my Butter London nail skins looked like after 4 days of wear.
 Sorry about the kitten fluff!
Unfortunately all good things come an end and I couldn't re-stick the sticker edges, so they kept getting caught on everything ( my hair, clothes, paper, kittens).

Overall I would rate these nail stickers as very good in terms of the quality of the image and sticker itself. The cons are that they are best suited for narrow nails and like I said earlier £8.00 is a bit much for 12 nail stickers that only last 4 days...

 I hope you found this post interesting and I'll be back soon with another proper polish post soon. :)

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  1. The nails sticker are always so pretty but normally they are very expensive. Also most of the stickers are only enough for 1 manicure.

    1. I know,it's so annoying. It makes me want to have a go at printing my own!

  2. I nominated you for a blog award! Check out how to get it ing my post!

  3. You can sort of make your own nail stickers. With the Baggie method. Go back a few pages on she has a tutorial.

  4. Looks Good because it was printed. If somebody can draw that, then that is expert. As far as wear and tear, sticker stuffs is just not going to last you more than 4-5 days. The adhesion of the materials compared to acrylic/gel is just not the same.

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