Monday, 11 June 2012

Kitten Mondays! Topshop Gypsy Night

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It's Kitten Monday again and as always lets start off with some pics of Toasty the kitten doing her thing.
There's something borderline "Barry White" about this pic to me. ;)

Ah it's a tough life for you isn't it Toasty? 

Zzz...All that relaxing can tucker a kitten out.

Ok, nail polish time!

Remember a couple of posts back when I swatched Barry M Black Multiglitter? It was such a waste of money, disappointing polish. Meh :(

If you are considering buying it so should really take a look at the pics in my post before making that decision here.

Well, good news! I have now found a black polish with holo glitter that actually looks the same on the nail as it does in the bottle. It's Topshop Gypsy Night, and not only does it have holo glitter and microglitter it also has flakies that flash red/orange to green. That's the kind of formulation we like! ;)

In the pics below I used 3 thin coats but no topcoat. The polish is so glossy on it's own that you don't need it.

I think it's a super easy way to get the background for a "Galaxy nails" look. I should really try some galaxy nail art since I've got a whole collection of them on Pinterest.

Below is an out of focus shot to try and show off the holo glitter. It's much more sparkly IRL but it was cloudy so I could get much in the way of sparkle which I tried to photograph this.

If you guys have any recommendations for black glittery polishes or your galaxy nail art I'd love to see it! Topshop Gypsy Night is £6.00 (well worth it in my opinion) and is available in Topshop stores and online here.
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  1. Your cat is so so sweet. I will be getting that topshop nail polish :)

  2. Just checking if was you that sent the email ehhehehe :)

  3. I just brought this and I really love it. Its a perfect autumn/winter colour. And looks lovely for r nights out.