Thursday, 7 June 2012

DUPE ALERT!!! Models Own Blooming Pink IS Chanel Tentation!

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Hi everyone, today I have a very exciting post for you! I have found an exact dupe of Chanel Tentation! This colour is a gorgeous full on orchid fuschia pink with a red shimmer finish and it's a new polish released for summer 2012.

For my dupe mission I when to the Chanel counter with clean, naked nails and swatched a few of the colours. Then off I went in search of a perfect match amongst all the affordable polish brands I could find and....

I found it! It's Models Own Blooming Pink. It's a dead ringer for Chanel Tentation, right down to the shimmer! Mission Accomplished (victory dance)!

The formula for Blooming Pink is just as good as Tentation in my opinion. No problems with application, good dry time and no streaks. I used 2 coats for Tentation and Blooming Pink in the pics below, but you could get away with one. Great for days when you're in a hurry.

Here's a few shots without the labeling. As in the pics above, Tentation is on my ring finger and Blooming Pink is on the rest.

ahem, excuse the kitten fluff ;)

Can you tell the difference? I can't, YAY!

I really enjoy doing these posts and finding dead on dupes of high end polishes for you guys! Love this colour too, it's really summery, perfect for pedicures as well as manicures and will look good on all skin tones. Nice job Models Own!

If you are interested in some more photos of Chanel Tentation (in the sunshine - I had no sunshine :( ), The Beauty Look Book has a post on this polish here. Chanel Tentation retails for £18.00 and Models Own Blooming Pink retails for £5.00 on the Models Own website here and is available in larger Boots stores and Boots online store here.

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