Monday, 9 July 2012

Kitten Mondays! With Bourjois Rainbow Apparition (No. 14)

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Hi everyone, Kitten Mondays are back! Today I have for you my very first animated gif of Toasty. This is one of her favorite games, "attack the headphones".

Ah my little predator...

The weather has been so depressing lately (well continuously) here in London that I find myself reaching for sparkly, glittery polishes to add a little bit of well, light to my day. I saw this Bourjois polish in my local Superdrug and knew it would be a perfect "day brightener".

Bourjois Rainbow Apparition (No. 14) is a sheer purple base packed with holographic glitter and microglitter. For my pics I used 2 coats of Rainbow Apparition over my base coat (Color Club) and I was good to go. The glitter isn't that gritty so I decided not to wear a topcoat. 

The brush is a wide, short fan shape making it easy to paint your whole nail in a couple of quick strokes. "One seconde" application it's not, but it makes things a lot easier. I also noticed that it dries faster than average so that was another plus.

  Here's a couple of out of focus shots to show off the holo-glitter.

 And finally a full hand shot to finish off. ;)

Overall I'm really pleased with my first ever Bourjois polish purchase, and it's definitely not going to be my only "one seconde" pointy bottled polish. I plan to start a mini collection. :P

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  1. I bought this the other week too :) loveeee it.& your cat is so cute!!