Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Barry M Black Multiglitter - Swatch & Review

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I said yesterday that I would post a proper review and swatches on Barry M Black Multiglitter so here it is. :)

This polish is essentially holographic micro glitter in a black jelly/creme base. In the bottle this stuff looked awesome, sparkling all different colours so I snatched it up immediately. Here's an out-of-focus pic to show you the holo glitter.

I was so excited to put it on, but got so let down when I did. Meh. :(

As you can see from the pics this polish dries down to a gritty finish and the glitter loses all it's holographic properties. Instead of a sparkly holo-fest what you are left with is grey (yes grey) glitter with the odd holo particle here and there.

I even tried that trick where you run a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover over the surface of the dried polish to let the glitter shine through more. That kills any holo effect the glitter has and leaves you with plain silver glitter. Sigh,  I tried my best to make it work Barry M...

So girls if you want my honest opinion it's a big thumbs down for Barry M Black Multiglitter. Don't waste your money, and instead get another one of the Barry M glitter polishes like the red, blue or green - they are brilliant!

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