Thursday, 26 April 2012

Urban Peacock

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Hi everyone, today I have a polish review for you. While shopping in Urban Outfitters the other day I noticed they had a mini polish stand. There were only 6 polishes, but three of them looked interesting enough for me to pick up. They cost £6 per polish on their own or 3 for £15 and are available in store or on the Urban Outfitters website here. The brand name is W.I.P. but I think it's a brand exclusive to Urban Outfitters, because I haven't seen it anywhere else.

First up I present to you - W.I.P. Peacock, an almost black metallic blue/teal polish. The formula is a bit runny but workable. I'm wearing 3 coats in the pics below.

Sorry about the slightly fuzzy pics, it was another beautiful grey day in the UK, and I was having major trouble with getting decent lighting. In strong sunlight or artificial light you can see the blue shine, but try as I might it was almost impossible to get a good picture of it. The effect is very weak.

My verdict is "Meh". There are so many other polish brands making "peacock" type colours, and they're better than W.I.P. Peacock. I'd invest in one of the Models Own polishes, or KIKO or GOSH, or any other polish than this. I think I'll just be using it as a black base for layering other polishes.

Right so as I had it on my nails already, I decided to try out a tape mani. I love Chloe's Nails "checker board" style nails (see her tape mani here), and so here is my version with W.I.P. Peacock. I used ordinary cheap stationary tape and one coat of matte top coat by Beauty UK.

I hope you like the look, I think it's more interesting than Peacock alone and I really like wearing dark polishes this way.

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