Friday, 6 April 2012

Andrea Fulerton - Petrol on Water

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I've walked by the Andrea Fulerton display, had a browse countless times but never bought anything before. I think it's that the display really isn't very well laid out. Nothing is at normal eye level, you really have to make an effort and crouch down to the ground look at the interesting stuff. Plus I always thought that the single polishes were a bit on the expensive side (£5.10) compared with the other "drug-store" brands that have similar colours.

Nonetheless there's a first time for everything. I noticed this particular Trio layering system and was intrigued. It's called Petrol on Water an consists of 2 polishes: a dark shimmery brown and a iridescent white glitter that  flashes pink and blue. The idea is that you can use the 2 colours on their own or layer them and create a third look.

So first 2 coats of the brown. I think it's really quite a nice colour on it's own.

A shot of the white part of the bottle.

And a shot of the brown part of the bottle.

When that was dry I added 1 coat of the white glitter polish, and wow! an amazing transformation! A blue and purple duochrome effect with a foil finish. Very nice indeed.

Ack! Sorry about the nail dink on my middle finger. Happened just as I picked up my camera (frustration!).

I've tried to capture the colour change across the nail. Half of the nail is bright cobalt blue and the other is purple. Made me think of peacock feathers.

Nail dink fixed now!

If you zoom in you'll notice that I've got lots of little blue glitter pieces stuck to me. I kind of like having sparkly fingers... Like most glitter polishes the glitter is a bit stubborn and hard to get off when you try and clean up your cuticles. In the end it took me using a nail brush + soap and water to get rid of it all.   

I was trying to think of a suitable peacock inspired stamp or something to add to my mani, but in the end went with a simple tape mani design. A deconstructed peacock if you will.

Overall verdict, I'm quite liking this Andrea Fulterton TRIO polish, and for £7.99, I'd say it's a fair price, especially if you use the colours on their own as well as layered. 

Formula wise Petrol on Water is good, the brush was good and I quite like the look of the bottle now. It stands out amongst my single colour bottles. I know I'll wear this polish again, and will try and come up with more peacock inspired looks.

Andrea Fulterton TRIO polishes retail at £7.99 and are available from Superdrug.

What do you think of Petrol on the Water? Do you have a peacock manicure that you'd like to share? I'd love to see them.

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