Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mixing Magnetics by Barry M

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Today I have a LONG, but very exciting post for you guys! Browsing in my local Superdrug I came across new polishes by Barry M. New MAGNETIC polishes!

Several other polish companies have launched their own magnetic polishes before but I always hesitated buying them because they were expensive and because of the mixed reviews they were given. However, I saw these for just £4.99 each and snatched them up.

There are 3 colours, Dark Silver, Burgundy and Blue. Each polish has a different magnet. I've heard rumours that there is a 4th "violet" colour but haven't seen it.

First up is Burgundy, with the striped magnet. This polish was my least favorite in the bottle, but it's actually my favorite on my nails. It's a rich pink toned red, which suits my skin tone, but I think this is a colour that would go with all skin tones.

The thing that I love about these polishes is their "depth". There are little glass flecks in this polish, which I haven't seen in magnetic polishes before. All three colours have this finish so I've taken close-up pics of each polish to try and show you guys. My camera doesn't capture it fully, the glass flecks are much more sparkly in real life! Nice twist with the glass flecks Barry M!

Yes, there are more pics below. I thought it could be nice to include pics with a white background too, to really give an accurate idea of what this polish looks like in different lighting, etc. Let me know if it's too much or annoying.

Ok, next up is Dark Silver. I was really intrigued by the pattern on the magnet when I bought this. I would describe it as a lattice or fish net type pattern. Based on the results with Burgundy I had high hopes for this magnet.

Unfortunately this magnet is just awful! Horrible, blotchy, I could not make it work no matter what I tried. I think the only way this magnet would work is on nails that don't curve at all. Perfectly flat nails, which I don't think anyone has. So disappointing...

Luckily to make up for the awful lattice magnet we have beautiful steely Blue with the star pattern magnet. Love this one! I had been lemming for Pull Me Close by China Glaze, and thought maybe this could be a dupe. 

 See the glass flecks?

While I don't have Pull Me Close on hand for a side by side comparison, I think the colour is pretty spot on as a dupe for Pull Me Close, and the pattern that is produced, while it isn't the China Glaze star, is it's own star pattern. To me it kind of looks like a Union Jack! That gave me the inspiration for a whole other mani....

I just had to try and and do a mani mixing together different magnetic polishes. For my Union Jack inspired mani I used the Burgundy and Blue polishes with the "Star" magnet. It's kind of messy and reminds me of tie dying but I love this look. It makes me want to collect more magnetic polishes so I can combine them!

I did a set of white background pics for this mani, cause I love it so!

So to sum up: The magnets are strong, the star magnet and the stripes are great, but the lattice thing is awful. Love Burgundy, it's an original colour - no dupes that I can think of. Finally have to say it again, nice one with the glass flecks Barry M! I'm happy to these polishes in my collection.

The polishes aren't available on the Superdrug or Barry M website yet, but will update this post with links when they are.

Feed back time. Was this post WAY too long? Or is it ok to be wordy when it's a review post?

What do you think of mixing and combining magnetic polishes? Has anyone made a magnetic Franken?
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  1. thanks for these swatches! they're fab! i have only came across one magnet polish i like and that's Nails Inc grey one... is it called trafalgar sq? but that red looks nice :)) xx

  2. I'm glad I just got the new nail paint colours and not the magnetic ones :)
    I'm so glad you liked the lipstick. I also love it and the price is very good :)