Saturday, 31 March 2012

My first post, Easter Egg nails!

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Hi I'm really excited to finally be starting a blog. I'm sure I'll be stumbling around for my first posts so bear with me. I'm just as new to nails as I am blogging. I never used to do my nails, never saw the point until I happened upon some nail art blogs and was immediately hooked.

easter nail art

Since it's almost Easter I thought I'd start with an Easter egg themed mani. First for the "background" colours I used Rimmel Pro in Peppermint on my thumb. The rest of my fingers were done with colours from the Beauty UK "Wild Child" set (green - index finger, purple - middle, pink - ring finger and yellow - little finger).  

Next for the stamping I used Bundle Monster plate BM-211 for my thumb, BM-202 for index and little finger, and BM-223 for middle and ring finger. I used a white Sally Hansen polish (just one that came with a french manicure set) and Beauty UK in "Aztec"for the gold stamping. I finished off with one coat of Seche Vite, the miracle top coat.

I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality of these Beauty UK polishes. I'll get to work on a proper review and some swatches to upload for you soon.

Surprisingly, my favorite of the bunch is the pink zebra nail. Normally I don't like wearing pink or anything to do with animal print, but I like this!

Finally, here are some whole hand shots with different backgrounds.

Which do you think is better, white background or black background?

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